Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Birthday [HBC009] Trifold Shutter Card

My first attempt of making Trifold Shutter Card for my brother's birthday =)

Happy Birthday (Front)

Happy Birthday (Inside)


  1. Hi Farrah! I came across your blog from Jari Manis. I am currently addicted to handmade greeting cards too. I used to sell when I was in secondary school back then and now, suddenly this addiction is back again. I also noticed I have the same materials as yours, like washi tapes from Daiso and pattern papers from Popular Bookstore. Happy crafting and hopefully we can exchange more ideal in future. ;)

    1. Hello Diana! It's great to get to know someone who's sharing the same passion in paper crafts. Wowww! You must be a very creative person. I'm just a beginner and I hope we can share many great ideas in creating wonderful keepsakes. Happy crafting to you too!


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